What will happen in the future of Disstrikt? What will be happening in the near future for our models?

All of this will be answered below!

Disstrikt Application

What to expect in the Disstrikt app?

The new application of Disstrikt will be integrated with our new routes (Route California (Influencer), Route Milan (Model) & Route Hollywood (Actor). All models will start their personal route/journey via the Disstrikt app. They can do the following within the Disstrikt app:

- Schedule activities (integrated routes):

They can schedule all their activities whenever they like via the Disstrikt app at anytime and anywhere! The models will need to complete their first activity before they can continue to their second activity. All models will walk their path like their route is supposed to be.

- Portfolio dashboard:

Another great feature of the Disstrikt application is the 'dashboard function' a.k.a. their digital portfolio book. Our models can interact and upload the photos they like the most from the past shoots to their portfolio book. Our models can also change their information (height, sizes, hair/eye colour, ethnicity etc.). Beware to keep this information updated because our partners, brands and scouts can search via the app through filters that will track your information! If a scout is filtering on the hair colour: Brown, they'll find all models which have the will have the hair colour brown in their information.

- Model Inbox + push notifications:

Our models will receive their own model inbox within the app! Our models can receive messages (mails) directly from Disstrikt itself but also from our partners, scouts and brands! Our models will get push notifications from the app when they are scouted or invited for jobs and/or other opportunities. Our models can accept and decline the job when they open the message via their model inbox! When accepted, the model will receive the necessary information and contact details of the brand, scout, partner they received the job from. When Disstrikt will have a big announcement our models will receive this via their model inbox :).

One Route For All

Start with this route and directly receive your first influencer job!


Choose your brand!

The brand you choose when signing up will be connected to you your whole route! You'll receive free products and a welcoming gift from your chosen brand! They will support you and lend you beautiful outfits while your are following your route, like the Art shoot, Location shoot and the catwalk workshop! Represent these brands aswell in the model competition 'Misstrikt', and make sure they'll know your name at the end!

Download the App.

After you have chosen a brand and completed your registration, you'll be able to download our app from the App Store and Google Play Store! Within the app you can built your own portfolio book and schedule your activities/shoots!

Portfolio shoot

Begin your modeling career like all other models! Start your portfolio book with the basics of the portfolio shoot! 

Update conversation/call

At the end of the first quarter you'll get a quick phone call with your model coach to make sure you are on the right track, to answer all the questions you might have and to make sure you'll start your second quarter with a BANG!


Catwalk Show/Workshop

Something all models will need to learn is ofcourse: how to walk on a catwalk! In this workshop you'll learn every move you need to learn as a model and at the end you'll shine on the podium of the catwalk show!

Team Building

Go and meet other models within this team building trip and make connection while you are having fun! Help other models out and make sure you make friends for life!


Free course

Get a free course where you'll learn what to do as a freelance model and how to get jobs as an influencer, model and actor! You'll also learn how to invest in yourself, what platforms you can use to grow yourself as a model and much more!


Misstrikt is our own exclusive beauty pageant and will feature the countries Netherlands, Belgium and the UK. The beauty pageant will be 1-3 months depending on how far you get in this competition to the crown of Misstrikt! During this competition you will receive free products, paid influencer jobs and much more!

Also there will be voting rounds within this competition, so make your voice heard to others! Make sure you receive as much votes as possible to win big prizes like shoots outside of Europe, trips to big cities, prize money and of course model contracts! 


Location shoot

To extend your portfolio book, you'll receive a location shoot! In this shoot you'll go to an iconic and/or beautiful outside location where you'll show all the brands where you are made of, when they see your portfolio book!

Art shoot

The biggest shoot there is, end your year with a bang! This is a shoot to upgrade your portfolio book to another level! There will be MUA(H), attributes like wind machines, colored smoke bombs and even vehicles!



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