1. General information

- Only models from Disstrikt Model Management can apply to Misstrikt (Model Competition).

- If you participate for Misstrikt we expect (minus exceptional situations) that every model should be present during the meetings, calls, photoshoots and especially at the big finale!

Round 1

Round 1

We will begin with an Influencer assignment! First you'll need to choose a theme: lingerie, accessories and swimwear. After you have chosen your theme you'll make content whichever you see fit and you'll need to send the best picture to the Instagram page of Disstrikt (@disstriktmodels) or your model coach. After this, you'll be placed in a group of 4 other models, which will be posted in our story. The model/picture with the most likes (votes) will go on to the next round of this competition.


Round 2

Part 2

Every model will automatically be placed in one of our four influencer teams (Complete Fashion Boutique, Joan-Mode, Dylanna.nl and Chamera). As a model you'll form a team with other models! All team members will need the welcoming gift which they received at the beginning of their model career to make content together and gather the most points out of all other teams! How you'll get these points will be forwarded during your model coach meetings.

Work together as a team to get the best results possible, because the end results can grant you the final tickets!

Round 3

Part 3

In the final part of this competition you'll go to a location of your choice with the free outfit of your chosen brand! Try your hardest and make your best picture at this location with the outfit you've been given. This picture will be posted on our social media page and we will count all likes, comments and reposts in total. It's your job, as a model, to generate traffic to the picture of you which Disstrikt has posted! After exactly 72 hours we will close the voting window and we will go on and post the next finalist.

The top 3 finalists who have gained the most likes (1P), comments (3P) and reposts (20P) will win one of the three big prices!