Will you make your dream come true?

Did you ever wonder: 'Could I be a model?' or 'Could I make it as a model?'. Well, you don't have to wonder any longer! As the first agency in the world, Disstrikt Model Management will give everyone a chance to make an attempt and to strive for their dream of becoming a model, actor/actress or influencer! 

What to expect as a model at Disstrikt Model Management?

Model Route

In your model route you'll physically practice your model skills! You'll have many shoots where you'll build the beginning of your portfolio book, such as: a model skill shoot, portfolio shoot and  location shoot!

After the shoots, as a beginning model, actor or influencer you'll need to have more experience walking a catwalk, which you'll get from our two catwalk workshops!

Besides all the shoots and catwalks, you'll need to have and make connections with other models as well! Within your route you'll go and make some fun with other models as well with our model events !

Talent program

If you want to be a model, influencer or actor, you should know everything about these beautiful high-end worlds! Therefor we have introduced our talent program which will learn you all the necessary skills and information you need!

This talent program will learn you everything about modeling, acting and influencing. How much can you get paid for, where can you find model and acting jobs or even influencer jobs! How do you engage with brands and scouts? How can you grow your exposure rate on social media? We will help you get there with all the necessary information within this talent program!

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model events

Model events! The place to be if you want to get yourself known to our model coaches, photographers, other models and managers! You need to make connections at these events, besides having fun.

The model events are not only for your own connections, but also to have fun and upgrade your portfolio book and social media feed. All the events will be held in luxurious villas and mega mansions where you'll get the most exclusive shoots there are! Think about a private indoor pool shoot, Asian decor shoot, Dune Cubic shoot and much more!

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