Will you make your dream come true?

Did you ever wonder: 'Could I be a model?' or 'Could I make it as a model?'. Well, you don't have to wonder any longer! As the first agency in the world, Disstrikt Model Management will give everyone a chance to make an attempt and to strive for their dream of becoming a model, actor/actress or influencer! 

What to expect as a model, actor, influencer or creator at Disstrikt Model Management?

model & Influencer Trip

All new models since June 2024, get the chance to represent Palm Amsterdam and various other brands in their campaigns in Spain! 

New and starting models need to have some experience from our route to be eligible to go to Spain and represent these brands.

This trip is completely free as this is an inclusive addition to our model Route

Our models will get three shoots in Spain for the previously mentioned brands:

1. Pool shoot

2. Sea shoot

3. Polaroid shoot

Besides the shoots our models need to make some content such as TikTok video's, reels and more creative content!

Design your own item for a brand 

Within your modeling route, you'll get the chance to choose for which brand (one of our 5 partnerships)

1. (editorial brand)

2. (Fitness brand)

3. (Swimwear brand)

4. (Commercial brand)

5. (Lingerie brand) (18+ only)

After choosing your favorite sort brand, you'll schedule a physical meeting with the designer of that particular brand and you can make your item for the brand together.

The designer who'll make the prototype will send it to the brand who'll make a few copies of this item to sell it in their (digital) stores.

All models will be shown at the website and Instagram page of the brand. The model will also receive a 20% commission of all sales of the item the model made.

Make sure you as model will also be an influencer for their brand at the same time, so market the product like it's your own (because it is your own)! 

model events

Model events! The place to be if you want to get yourself known to our model coaches, photographers, makeup artists and other models! You need to make connections at these events, besides having fun.

The model events are not only for your own connections, but also to upgrade your portfolio book and social media feed. All the events will be held indifferent styled locations with different types of decors, where you'll get the most exclusive shoots you can think about!

Examples: private indoor pool shoot, Asian decor shoot, Roman shoot, Dune Cubic shoot, Demon shoot and much more!

Do you want to see how these events look like? Take a quick look  by clicking on the button below.

Model Route

The model route, the most compliment-able invention of the Disstrikt family!

This route is especially designed for all models, actors, influencers and content creation around us!

See all the activities you'll get below:

Model Skill Shoot -> Maku-up workshop 1 -> Portfolio shoot -> Job Hunting 1 -> Make-up workshop 2 -> Location Shoot -> Catwalk workshop 1 -> Job Hunting 2 -> Make-up workshop 3 -> Catwalk workshop 2 -> Job Hunting 3. 

This is the base of the route our models, actors, talents, influencer and content creators will follow!

The events, International trip, exclusive brand design and 30 digital lessons which will help you make money as a talent and more extra's are included in this route! 

Costs of the agency

The cost structure of our agency is different than others, because we're not only an agency for models, but much more than that! That's why we call ourselves an Institution of talents! See what we're doing below:

1. Model agency

2. Talent agency (for actors)

3. Fashion Academy 

4. Social meedia content agency 

Disstrikt doesn't use the same costs as other model and talent agencies like, registration fees, one time shoot payment(s), administrational costs or commissions. This means that Disstrikt Models will not asks for any payments before registrering our models and that all our models may keer 100% (YES 100%) of all revenue the models make from the jobs they receive and they don't have to give Disstrikt Models a penny. 

Disstrikt, like other services and educational programs is using a membership (lidmaatschap) of €78,00 (excluding vat) per month. The membership can be cancelled every month, just like other services as Netflix, gym memberships and school programs.

What is included in this membership? Everything of what Disstrikt models has to offer is included, such as the international trip to Spain, Designing your own items for the brands, all the events and the whole route which is mentioned above!