About us


We, as a model & scouting agency help our models gain experience and put together their portfolio books, also known as a modeling résumé. We do this by giving the models professional photoshoots and selecting the best pictures.

Our models have the opportunity to choose between various kind of shoots.

We offer portfolio shoots, studio shoots, commercial shoots (this particular shoot will contain an attribute such as a motor, car, piano, horse etc.), studio shoots and location shoots (this particular shoot will be held in a museum, race court, stadium etc.). A MUA will be included during all these shoots.

It’s also possible to choose between Instagram or video shoots.

The Instagram shoots are specifically intended to drastically increase the chance of becoming a well-known influencer or promotional model on social media platforms such as Instagram.

The video shoots are specifically intended to help our models, who dream of becoming an actor or actress, find paid acting jobs.


All our models are assigned to their own Modeling coach who has experience in the modeling world. The modeling coaches are 24/7 available, present during all the shoots, and ready to answer all modeling related questions.  

The modeling coaches give their models the best tips and tricks to shape them into the supermodel, actor/actress or influencer they wish to become.

Beauty pageants

Disstrikt Model Management also grants the opportunity to guide and accompany our models through the process and participation of beauty pageants all around The Netherlands, Belgium, Spain and Germany. These pageants will give our models a once in a lifetime experience and help them get exposed to the modeling world, giving their Instagram and modeling career a significant boost.

The models will receive a dozen shoots and catwalk lessons to help get them through all stages of the beauty pageant. They will have the luxury to travel to many places, make new memories, and receive a crown and honorable ‘Miss’ title, while every expense will be paid by the organization itself!

Model events

Besides the different shoots and beauty pageants, we will organize exclusive model events to connect our models with each other, model agencies and brands. Each model is allowed to bring a maximum of 3 guests, therefor giving the guests the same opportunity to get scouted. Besides the connections, our models will get an art and fashion shoot with their brought along friends and will also walk a catwalk show which will be shown on diverse digital extensions!

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