How it works

1. General information

We as one of the first renowned model agency will give everyone a fair chance to become a model, actress or even an influencer! No matter the height, size or ethnicity. We believe everyone is special in their own way and can come far with the right guidance and motivation. 


We won't work the traditional way because we strongly believe that it'll only be succesfull for a small amount of models who work in the model industry. Therefore we work with several different aspects, such as:

1. We don't just wait for our partners to get in touch with us to hire one of our models, but we are always looking, contacting and making efforts to find various brands to hire our models.

2. We are not just looking for model jobs but also for acting work and influencer jobs. This will massively increase the amount of jobs we can provide. 

3. Besides the job searching, we as one of the first agencies, also organize our own modeling events. 

4. We don't expect that our new models have experience in the modeling field or possess their own portfolio book. Therefore we, as an agency, will provide a few shoots for all our models (this is included in the route the model will choose). With the results of these shoots we will create a professional portfolio book within our own application. 

5. Every model will receive their own model coach who can be contacted 24/7 to answer any model related questions. We do this because we see our models as more than just a number or a pretty face, but as an individual person who needs and deserves the right guidance and training. 

6. We are also working to provide exposure oppurtunities for our models. For example: collaborations, shoutout pages, Whatsapp communities and beauty pageants!

Management fees

What we use:

A membership:

Just like Netflix or a gym subscribtion, we only work with a membership fee. This is a monthly payment of €39,00 p/m. Disstrikt and the model can cancel the subscription every quarter (3 months).

What we don't use:

The most common, old and traditional costs of all other agencies:

1. Sign up fee: €75 to even €700.

2. Annual fee: €150 to €300 per year.

3. A percentage: A paycut of 30% to 50% of what you earn as a model.

4. Additional costs: A casting (€50 to €75 euro) or extra pictures (€15 per picture)

2. Guide

First: Signing up

First you have to sign up via our website. You can do this by clicking on the sign up button in the menu. 

Second: Get a confirmation

You'll receive a confirmation message via Whatsapp from one of our model coaches to schedule your casting. After this you'll receive a confirmation message which contains all the requirements for your casting to make sure you are well prepared!

Third: Casting

The casting can be divided in three parts:

1. The first part of the casting is a question round. These questions will give us insight in who you are and what your motivation and goals are!

2. The second part is an explanation about what we do as a model & scouting agency and what this will mean for you as a model.

3. If you are hired as a certified model at our agency you will continue to the third part! Here you get to choose one of our 3 brands where you as a model can choose from to begin your journey with your first influencer job! 

Fourth: Begin your model journey (route), model events, Miss Beauty & bookings.

For more information about about the fourth step, you can click the button below!