We are not only an agency, but also an academy for beginning models!

Our academy is specially designed for our beginning models, actors, (UGC) content creators and influencers.

our academy gives them the right and proper knowledge/experiences to find jobs together with their model coaches!

What to expect from our model academy?

Model Route

One of our breathtaking innovative agency structures is our model route. It's perfect for starting and beginning models to experience and get a taste of what modeling is all about! 

Within this route you'll build your own portfolio book and media kit + you'll gain a lot of experience which you'll need to have for most of the jobs we find! Besides all these amazing activities you'll make friends and have a lot of fun at the same time! 

Let's break down the route with each other:

The first thing you should do is schedule your portfolio book within the app. You can do this by clicking on the portfolio shoot planet! See a more detailed explanation by clicking on this link.

After your first shoot, you can schedule all the other activities:

Catwalk workshop

Business trip (a fun activity with other models)

Model competition (Misstrikt)

Location shoot

Art shoot

After you have done all of the above mentioned activities, you are all set to become the model, influencer or actor you have always wanted to be!

Talent program

The talent program is besides your model route, which will help you to get all the necessary experience and will make your portfolio book and mediakit perfect, the perfect tool to get all the information you need to go out there on your own! 

You'll learn many aspects of being a model, influencer and actor. First you'll learn about modeling an walking a catwalk, where you should think about and what not. Further in this program you'll learn how to make your media kit and how you can find work with the help of TFP shoots and photographers. After this, you'll go forth with the influencer aspects and how to create your own content. At last you'll learn everything about acting and you'll even have an acting lesson.

Within this program you'll also learn everything about finding work and which platforms you can use.

Talent program breakdown:

Lesson 1: Basics of Disstrikt

Lesson 2: Model Basics

Lesson 3: Catwalk Basics

Lesson 4: TFP-Photographers

Lesson 5: Influencer Basics

Lesson 6: Building Influencer CV

Lesson 7: Sport and Diet

Lesson 8: Basics of Acting

Lesson 9: Acting Platforms

Lesson 10: Advertising