1. General information

- Only models from Disstrikt Model Management can apply to Misstrikt.

- If you participate for Misstrikt we expect (minus exceptional situations) that every model should be present during the workshops, meetings, calls, photoshoots, video shoots and especially at the big finale!

2. The proces of Misstrikt

Round 1

More information R1

Round one is divided in two parts:

Part 1

Every model is automaticly placed in one of the three influencer options (accessories, swimwear or lingerie).

You'll receive your free products within 7 working days from the brand in question. You need to represent and promote the products you received with 110% commitment (you are really representing the brand). Be sure to gain as many points as possible to make sure you can go to round 2!

See how to score your points in the image above!

This part counts for 35% of your final score in round 1.

Part 2

Just like any other beauty contest you need to make sure to receive enough votes from people, followers or even strangers! The more votes you have the more chance you have to go to the next round!

This part counts for 65% of your final score in round 1.


Round 2

More information R2

Round two is also divided in two parts:

Part 1

Every model will be automaticly placed in one of the 9 teams in round 2. Every team consists of 10 models in total.

There are three sections your team can be placed in: 

1: Acting section: Here you'll make a TV advertisement for a perfume brand.

2. Modeling section: Here you'll make a magazine cover for a fashion brand.

3. Influencing section: Here you'll make a social media advertisement picture for a fashion brand.

There will be three teams per section, which means you'll have to face two other teams. 

Work together as a team to get the best results possible, because the end results can give you 4 final tickets, 3 final tickets or only 1 final ticket depending on your teams ranking.

#1: The number one of each section will get 4 final tickets.

#2: The number two of each section will get 3 final tickets.

#3: The team which will have the least points per section will only get 1 final ticket.

Part 2

The second part of round two will be a voting part!

Note that your teammates will become your rivals in this part! Because every team of 10 models now have to fight over the 4, 3 or 1 avalaible tickets depending on the results of part 1!


If your team finished second in part 1: your team will get 3 tickets.

Those 3 tickets will be given to the models in your team who will receive the most votes by the public!