1. General information

- Only models from Disstrikt Model Management can apply to Misstrikt (Model Competition).

- If you participate for Misstrikt we expect (minus exceptional situations) that every model should be present during the meetings, calls, photoshoots and especially at the big finale!

Round 1

Round 1

We will begin with an Influencer assignment! First you'll need to choose a theme. After you have chosen your theme you'll make content whichever you see fit and you'll need to send the best picture to the Instagram page of Disstrikt (@disstriktmodels) or your model coach. After this, you'll be placed in a group of 4 other models, which will be posted as a poll in our stories. The model/picture with the most likes (votes) will go on to the next round of this competition, so make sure to promote yourself as much as possible!


Round 2

Part 2

Every model will automatically be placed in one of the four to five influencer teams. All teams will need to scout/hunt for jobs physically, how you'll do this, will be told at the location itself. Keep in mind that you'll be followed by a camera crew almost the whole time! The team which have fount most collars with brands will win!

Work together as a team to get the best results possible, because the end results can grant you the final tickets!

Round 3

Part 3

There will be three big winners in this final!

Miss Disstrikt:

Disstrikt will post one of the three prizes in their feed. It's your job as the finalists to make sure that most comments, reposts and tags will come from you and your followers! Keep in mind that the model who wins this, will be able to bring one of her friends with them :).

comments/tags (1P), followers (3P) and reposts (20P).

Miss Popularity:



In the final part of this competition you'll go to a location with the free outfit(s) and/or items of the brands you found in the previous assignment! Try your hardest and make the best pictures, reels, stories and more as possible, because you'll need to earn as much point as possible. How can you score points? This will be send to all finalists at the beginning of round 3.