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Benefits of being a partner with Disstrikt

Free professional content

Disstrikt is an agency based in Spain, Germany, Netherlands and Belgium, therefore we have a lot of studios, models, influencers, make-up artists, stylists and content creators working at our disposal on TFP basis. This allows us to connect all parties and make perfect content that resonates with the brand's values and goals (videos, reels, photos etc.). 

The brand is allowed to choose the model and content ideas themselves, and we will make it work!

The only thing the brand has to do is: follow, tag/mention our agency, model and crew in the publications on social media and/or website.

Paid events

We have two types of events:

1. One type of event is where our models can win prizes, such as shoots in Paris, Milan, Barcelona, London etc. If a model wins such a prize, we will partner up with a brand and connect them to this shoot. All the costs for the shoot and trip will be provided and paid for by Disstrikt,  that's why it would be a shame to waste such an opportunity.

2. Type two of events are photoshoot events, where all our models are invited and will come to one place/studio! Here they'll receive themed photoshoots where a lot of designers, photographers, artists and stylists will come to make connections and see how our models are shooting for their brands in the themed shoots. Enjoy, eat, drink and see how we make content with your own eyes, and see how models will represent your brand!

More exposure

All content and events will bring your brand to the next level, but not only our professional content will make your brand grow, also the exposure rate will blow your brand away! Think about this:

A photographer will shoot the pictures for your content, the photographer will post and name your tag on their social media as well. Most photographer will have a follower count of 5k-50k!

A make-up artist will help the model and brand to create the perfect look within the content. The artist will tag the brands name in their posts on social media as well. Most artists will have a follower count of 1k-20k!

A Stylist will help the model and brand to create the perfect outfit for the shoot. The stylist will also tag the brands name in their posts on social media. Most stylists will have a follower count of 1k-10k!

A model or even a few models will be the center of your brands content. The model(s) will also tag the brands name in their posts on social media. Most of our models will have a follower count of 3k-30k!

What's stated above is just one picture or content that may be used! It's free exposure from real people without spending a nickel ◡̈. 

Hear Brands who became a partner before you


"At first it started as a try, because we didn't know what to expect. But after filling in the form on their website, they invited us to model events and will create content without anything in return! We could choose the models we would like to have in our marketing advertisements, and they'll handle it for you. Sometimes we even get paid for our participation in a shoot or event."

Joan mode

"We we struggling with our social media posts and paid some money for photographers which is really expensive in The Netherlands... Later forward, we saw an add which would grant us free content and event getting paid for it! It's a world Upsidedown haha"


"We were always paying some models/influencer for our marketing campaigns, never thought we could do it on a professional mannor without spending money! Really for every brand that's out there, give this a try and it'll be worth it!"

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